Is Higher Education Not a Good Investment?


Women who successfully pursue a career in education might be appropriate to many. But they are successful career in a totally alien also not small. Moreover, women entrepreneurship, it seems this is not counted in Asia. Not only in Asia, the United Kingdom a study found that women are now no longer rely on university education to get a job. The following story is taken from Dailymail.

The survey involving 1353 women and two-thirds of these questions reveal that they feel almost impossible to get their dream job, while 25 percent of women said they could not pursue the career they want. Only 14 percent who said they were greatly helped by higher education.

Vicky Tuck, a woman activist and head of the education campaign Cheltenham Ladies College, explained that the cost of education makes a lot of people ask why they should go back to university. A degree does not mean guaranteed to get a good job. This is confirmed by the results of the survey stating the cost of tuition and a small chance to get a good job of making higher education is not the expectation of interest. The young woman who followed the survey felt lost confidence with the system of university education while nearly half felt no need to get a degree.

Cosmopolitan editor Louise Court, who headed the survey, said the country’s young women tend to think that university education is only a waste of time. Court added that nothing is more difficult than an ambitious young woman. It is understandable how they are angry and frustrated with their future and this negative impact on their self-esteem. Court also encourages the women to never give up, continue to pursue their dreams and always sensitive to the opportunities that come to them. Meanwhile, according to Vicky Tuck, a university educated woman should only if they have a genuine interest in learning and have that opportunity. If they just want to get a job, university education will only make them disappointed.

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  • skybird

    This is not basically the task of higher education to arrange the job for the students, rather the duty of government to settle the problem of unemployment.

  • M Naeem

    naeem naeem whats going on

  • Meesha

    yes, higher education is a good investment .. but it will be considered as much beneficial when there exist opportunities to utilize the knowledge.. bookish knowledge is not a permanent investment but it make permanent investment when we practically utilize our abilities, knowledge.

  • Johnson

    Women have also occupied job opportunities for boys. It is true that women education is important but we should also look from another angle.

  • I think, higher education is the best investment in any country.