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Job Opportunities in Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital Lahore

Job Opportunities in Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital Lahore
Published on 02 May, 2010 (The News)

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  • Rana Kamran

    With reference to your advertisement, I have come to know that some vacancies of the subject posts are lying vacant under your kind control. I offer my self as a candidate for one of the same posts. My bio data and particulars are given here under for favor of your kind and sympathetic consideration and action:
    1. Name Rana Kamran Joseph

    2. Father’s Name Rana Joseph Tajjamel

    3. Date of Birth 15-07-1992

    4. Address House no 30 Street No 8 Nasret Road Shabanam Colony Kot
    Lakhpat Lahore Pakistan

    5. Qualification Matriculation: Cathedral School No 4

    Faculty of Science: (Present)

    6. Experience a) Six months works as teacher of Math’s and Science to class
    6, 7, in MT Open Door High School.

    b) 1 year work as cashier or sales man at 9 Eleven Pharmacy.

    c) 1 year work as teacher of Math’s, Biology, Chemistry, to class
    6, 7, 8, 9 in St.Thomas High School.

    I am a man of good physique and healthy mind. I shall be highly obliged if I am given a good chance to serve under your kind control I assure you Sir, that I shall perform my duties to the entire satisfaction of my superiors.
    Hoping for a favorable consideration and thanking you in anticipation.

    Yours faithfully.
    Rana Kamran

  • latafat Hussain Gohar

    i have a master degree holder and i have applay as pco superviser in 2006 but u conect to me i have no cell in my use in those days but i apply to same designation please give me a chance i try my best.


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    I need that job.